Dave Hodapp Ceramics

About Dave Hodapp 
I first worked with clay in the early 70's while in graduate school. After a 30+ year hiatus as a chemistry professor I took a ceramic class at American River College in Sacramento. I soon converted my garage into a studio and then moved into my current studio space in downtown Sacramento, E Street Gallery and Studios. 
I work primarily at two temperature extremes, low temperature raku and high temperature crystalline glazes. The high temperature (cone 10, 2350oF) crystalline glazes are labor and energy intensive. Each crystalline vase requires the production of three pieces: the vase, a pedestal for the vase to sit on during the firing process, and a catcher for glaze that runs off during firing. A typical firing cycle takes at least 30 hours (heating up, growing the crystals, and cooling down). At the other end of the temperature spectrum, I do alternative raku firings, firing a pot to 1450oF in 45 minutes. The raku firings are almost instant gratification compared to crystalline firing.